• naturalistic driving

    A new approach among already applied traffic research methods

Naturalistic driving studies

100-Car Naturalistic Driving Study

A key to the development of effective crash countermeasures is an understanding of pre-crash causal and contributing factors. The 100-Car Study made a contribution to this effort. Read more

SHRP2 – Vehicle-Based Study

A large-scale naturalistic driving study will be included as a part of the US Strategic Highway Research Program 2 (SHRP2). The in-vehicle driving behaviour study will be conducted with volunteers driving instrumented vehicles for everyday use. Read more

Driver distraction in commercial vehicle operations

The main objective of this study was to investigate driver distraction among commercial vehicle operations using naturalistic driving data. Read more


The main objective of this study is to target behavioural and ergonomics research to develop countermeasures for enhancing Powered Two Wheeler (PTW) including crash causes and human errors. Read more


Last update: November 19, 2009