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SHRP2 – vehicle based study

Within SHRP2 an instrumentation package will be developed for installation on many vehicle models. The drivers will use their own vehicles during the study period. The driver and vehicle pool will change at least once a year through the reinstallation of the instrumentation package in a new driver’s vehicle. The data collection package will accommodate requirements for a variety of analyses of lane departure, intersection crashes, and other questions. The study will be conducted in several geographic areas to accommodate variations in weather, geographical features, and rural, suburban, and urban land use. Data will be archived for analysis as part of the data processing and will be made available to qualified researchers. Another critical need in the in-vehicle study of driving behaviour is for detailed roadway data, with greater coverage of the roads used by the volunteer drivers. These data will support the association of driver behaviour with roadway characteristics such as grade, curvature, and posted speed limits.

The field studies envisioned under SHRP2 will produce large data sets. Although data collection technology has advanced rapidly in the past few years, analytic methods have not kept pace. The field data collection projects therefore are supported by a series of projects to develop analytic methods. Key aspects of the analyses include the application of crash surrogate approaches, such as traffic conflicts, critical incidents, near-collisions, and other surrogate measures; development of exposure-based collision risk measures; and the formulation of analytic methods to quantify the relationship of human factors, driver behaviour, and vehicle, roadway, and environmental factors to collision risk.

Source: Campbell,K. & Mason, L. Developing measures to improve highway safety. The safety focus area of the strategic highway research program 2. TR News 255, March-April 2008, 3-9

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