• naturalistic driving

    A new approach among already applied traffic research methods

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FOT-Net 3rd International Workshop

FOT-Net has been established by the European Commission as a networking platform for people involved in Field Operational Tests. Preceding the ITS World Congress, the 3rd international workshop of FOT-Net will take place on 25...


2 BE SAFE: An ND study about motorcycles

While the total number of road deaths is falling in European countries, the proportion of motorcycle rider fatalities and the number of motorcycles in use is increasing. The main objective of the 2 BE SAFE project is to examine...


SeMiFOT Seminar

On 1 June 2010 the SeMiFOT Final Seminar will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden.


INTERACTION to start ND trial

The EU project INTERACTION applies the naturalistic driving approach as one of the methods to assess the use and miss-use of various in-vehicle equipment.


ND Symposium in Virginia

On 30 August and 1 September 2010 the 2nd Human Factors Symposium will be held.

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