• naturalistic driving

    A new approach among already applied traffic research methods

The fourth and final issue of the PROLOGUE newsletter is available for download now

The final newsletter wraps up 2 years of work within PROLOGUE.


  • The Final Prologue Workshop: Lessons Learnt
  • Large-scale naturalistic driving observations, EU FP7 Work Programme 2012
  • User Statement: Dr. Peter Weisz, Styrian Regional Government
  • User Statement: Col. Friedrich Schmidhuber, Head of Traffic Police, Salzburg Region
  • Greening Traffic by driving naturalistically
  • Complementary data sources when studying vulnerable road users
  • Support to Decision Making by ND: DaCoTA Deliverable D6.1 published
  • The "ND Chain"
  • Summary of PROLOGUE recommendations

Last update: November 25, 2009