• naturalistic driving

    A new approach among already applied traffic research methods

Workshop, Seminar & FOT-Net 4th Stakeholders meeting will take place in Brussels

It will be a unique opportunity to learn and discuss about the latest FOT activities in Europe. The events will gather experts and stakeholders with the aim of sharing information, results and developments of trials. Cooperation between the different projects will allow to maximize the exposure of results, to enlarge the discussion and to foster further cooperation.

On 30 November experts are invited to attend a Workshop on Near crashes. Field Operational Tests and Naturalistic Driving Studies are interested in near crashes or incidents to identify situations that are potentially dangerous and could have led to an actual crash. However, projects struggle with finding a good operational definition of near crashes. This issue together with other related questions will be tackled during the Workshop.

The following day, 01 December all experts and interested stakeholders are invited to participate in a seminar on Best practices using the FESTA methodology. During its targeted seminars FOT-Net has received a series of feedback on the FOT methodology (FESTA) from experts currently involved in FOTs. This feedback as well as best practices from the organisation of FOTs will be the target of this seminar.

And finally on 02 December the 4th FOT-Net Stakeholders meeting will provide an insight into the Pan-European FOTs, euroFOT, TeleFOT (currently on their second year of activities), and future activities on cooperative systems. PROLOGUE has also been invited to give its views in what regards naturalistic driving. This edition of the Stakeholders meeting will be organised in cooperation with TeleFOT Second Stakeholders Forum providing an opportunity to raise awareness on the use of aftermarket and nomadic devices.


Date and time

30 November - ERTICO – ITS Europe offices, Avenue Louise 326, Brussels

01 and 02 December - DIAMANT Conference and Business Centre, Bd. A. Reyerslaan 80, B-1030 Brussels


The FOT-Net events are free of charge, except for the dinners taking place on 30 November and 1 December (information will be provided after the closing of registrations).



For more information please visit: http://www.fot-net.eu/



Last update: November 25, 2009