• Prologue

    Promoting real Life Observations for Gaining Understanding of road user behaviour in Europe

Aims & objectives

PROLOGUE aims to contribute to the reduction of the number of road casualties in Europe by further exploring, developing, testing and promoting the naturalistic observation methodology.

The main objective of the current project is to prove the feasibility and usefulness of a large-scale European naturalistic observation study for road safety researchers, but also for other stakeholders with a direct or indirect interest in road safety, including automotive industry, insurance companies, road user umbrella organisations, driver training and certification organisations, road authorities, research institutes and national and regional governments.

An additional objective of the project is to assess the added value of the naturalistic observation approach for transport related environmental issues, e.g. eco-driving, and traffic management issues, e.g. highway capacity. In this framework, PROLOGUE´s detailed objectives, dealt with in the various work packages of the project, are to:

  • define road safety research questions benefiting from a naturalistic observation
  • assess its added value compared with other research methods
  • identify other areas of application and corresponding stakeholders of a naturalistic observation approach
  • describe the current technical possibilities for data collection and data analysis in relation to the theoretical requirements for the identified application areas
  • define the methodological and organisational requirements in the identified application areas
  • show the current technical, methodological and organisational possibilities in a number of small scale trials
  • show the usefulness and value of naturalistic observation results for a number of identified application areas in a number of small scale field trials
  • create interest and commitment of identified stakeholders for the application of naturalistic observation studies
  • define the principles and requirements for a large-scale European naturalistic driving study, combining the areas of interest of the identified stakeholders

Last update: November 18, 2009