• Prologue

    Promoting real Life Observations for Gaining Understanding of road user behaviour in Europe

Advisory Board

An Advisory Board of external renowned experts in the field of road safety and its research methods will advise on the overall scientific approach of the project and the elaboration of the work in each of the work packages. It will also review the main Deliverables of the project. The following experts are members of the Advisory Board (in alphabetical order):

  • Mr Antonio Avenoso, Executive Director, ETSC European Transport Safety Council, Brussels
  • Mr. Cees Boutens, Manager at the Department Strategy and Public Affairs of RAI, The Netherlands.
  • Mr. Peter Burns, Chief Ergonomics and Crash Avoidance Department, Transport Canada
  • Mr. Kenneth L. Campbell, Chief Safety Program Officer SHRP2, USA
  • Mr. João Cardoso, Head of Planning, Traffic and Road Safety LNEC, Portugal
  • Mr. Bernhard Niedermaier, Project Leader HMI, BMW Research and Technology, Germany
  • Mrs. Gea van Ootmarssen, Manager Mobility and Spatial Planning, SenterNovem, The Netherlands
  • Mr. David Shinar, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

    Fred Wegman, Managing Director of the project-coordinating institute SWOV and liaison member of the US initiative in the field of naturalistic observations (SHRP2), will have the chair and maintain the link between the Advisory Board and the project consortium.


Last update: December 16, 2009