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    Promoting real Life Observations for Gaining Understanding of road user behaviour in Europe

Final Workshop

On 22 June 2011 the final pan-European PROLOGUE workshop was held in Vienna, Austria.

The final workshop focused on the potential of naturalistic driving as a tool for all sorts of road transport research related to road safety, the environment and traffic management, based on experiences in PROLOGUE, as well as experiences in a comprehensive selection of related Naturalistic Driving activities and Field Operational Tests inside and outside Europe.

61 participants from all over the world came together in order to discuss the potential and benefits of Naturalistic Driving (ND) for different user groups.

Workshop programme:

  • Welcome notice from Rob Eenink, PROLOGUE's principal investigator and coordinator, and Klaus Rosino, Research Director KFV
  • Rob Eenink gave an overview about the PROLOGUE project
  • Tsippy Lotan, chief scientist at Or Yarok reported on PROLOGUE’s small scale field trials & a multi-layer spatial system of road safety data
  • Fridulv Sagberg, senior researcher at the Norwegian Institute for Transport Economics presented recommendations for a large-scale naturalistic driving study
  • Ken Campbell, Chief Safety Program Officer of SHRP2, USA reported the latest news from SHRP2, the American ND programme
  • Niels Bos, from SWOV reported on the project DaCoTA
  • Arnaud Bonnard represented IFSTTAR and presented the project INTERACTION
  • Cornelia Nussbaumer from KFV gave an overview about current KFV naturalistic driving activities
  • Niccolo Baldanzini gave insight on naturalistic riding in general and the 2 BE SAFE project in detail
  • András Csepinszky represented ERTICO and presented the FOT-net platform
  • Mohamed Benmimoun from RWTH Aachen reported the latest news on EuroFOT
  • Andrew Morris, reader in vehicle safety at Loughborough University, referred to the TeleFOT project
  • Marika Hoedemaeker from TNO Mobility represented the environmental branche
  • Adriaan Heino represented the Achmea Insurance Company and provided insight to the interests of the insurance industry concerning the ND methodology
  • Trent Victor from Volvo Technology discussed the car industry’s interest and gave an overview about the project SAFER

Open discussion afterwards
Moderator: Martin Winkelbauer

  • Rob Eenink gave a brief résumé of the day


Minutes will be available soon.


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