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    Promoting real Life Observations for Gaining Understanding of road user behaviour in Europe


Regional workshop in Nordic countries

The Norwegian regional workshop was held on 13 October 2010 in Oslo. The main objective of the regional workshops was to inform organizations and stakeholders about PROLOGUE and naturalistic driving in order to raise interest in, and support for, a potential large scale European naturalistic driving study. Thus, the focus of the workshops were on explaining naturalistic driving, potential application areas as well as identification of the interests of the potential users of naturalistic data.

In line with the aims of the PROLOGUE regional workshop,  TØI arranged for a meeting in which PROLOGUE partners thoroughly explained naturalistic driving and PROLOGUE. TØI also invited several participants to present their potential interests in naturalistic driving as users of naturalistic driving data and knowledge. Finally, as one possible step further along the road is to plan a large scale European naturalistic driving study, TØI invited a member of the Transport committee in the Norwegian Research Council to give a speech on application processes in Norway and the EU.



10:30 Welcome and agenda Fridulv Sagberg
10:40 Welcome to TØI Lasse Fridstrøm
10:50 Presentation of PROLOGUE Agathe Backer-Grøndahl
11:20 Why are you here today? PROLOGUE and the future Fridulv Sagberg
11:30 Coffee  
11:50 How to succeed with applications to the EU. Øystein Strandli
12:20 Lunch  
13:20 Naturalistic data at SAFER – from accident research to countermeasure development Trent Victor
14:05 Coffee  
14:15 Can the insurance companies use knowledge from naturalistic driving studies? Tore Vaaje
15:00 Behaviour, technology and emission Rolf Hagman
15:10 Wrap-up and discussion Fridulv Sagberg
15:30 END  

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