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    Promoting real Life Observations for Gaining Understanding of road user behaviour in Europe


Regional workshop in Spain

The regional workshop in Valencia, Spain took place on 14 December 2010. Eleven visitors from Spain and Portugal (1) and five researchers of INTRAS attended the workshop.

Pedro Valero presented the project PROLOGUE, the Spanish field trial as well as goals and potentials of naturalistic driving studies. Alvaro Gómez (Traffic General Directorate) presented the point of view of the national administration regarding nomadic devices, a main topic for naturalistic driving studies. Afterwards, participants discussed about the potentials of naturalistic driving observations and potential ND studies. Results of this discussion are presented in the workshop's presentation.


11:30 Welcome and goals of the workshop Pedro Valero
11:35 Introduction and presentation of the PRO-LOGUE video Pedro Valero
11:45 Nomadic Devices: The Administration’s view Alvaro Gómez
12:00 Presentation of the goals and the potential of ND studies Pedro Valero
12:25 Presentation of the field trial in Spain Pedro Valero
13:00 Presentation of the ARGOS car Anita Tontsch & Ignacio Pareja
13:30 Filling in the PROLOGUE questionnaire Jean-François Pace
14:00 Lunch  
15:30 Discussion Anita Tontsch & Pedro Valero
16:45 Conclusions Pedro Valero
17:00 END  

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