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    Promoting real Life Observations for Gaining Understanding of road user behaviour in Europe

United Kingdom

Regional workshop in English speaking countries

The stakeholder workshop on 21 January 2011 in London served a dual purpose - the timing was such that the PROLOGUE workshop coincided with a similar workshop requirement for a parallel European Project known as TeleFOT. Thus all stakeholders were invited to discuss not only Naturalistic Driving studies but also the requirements within the associated data collection tool, Field Operational Tests (FOTs).


10:00 Welcome – Aims and objectives of the day Mark Fowkes
10:10 Introduction to the TeleFOT project Ruth Welsh
10:25 ISA Project – An example of an FOT that can yield results which impact on road safety policy Mark Fowkes
10:40 Group exercise 1 – Stakeholder needs from FOTs (including presentation about the MUL-TITUDE Project) Mark Brackstone
11:10 Coffee break  
11:30 Group exercise 2 - Stakeholder expectations from FOTs and ND studies All
12:00 Feedback and Discussion from exercise 1 and 2 All
12:30 Lunch  
13:30 Introduction to the PROLOGUE project Andrew Morris
13:45 The US 100-car Study Mark Fowkes
14:00 Potential Stakeholder uses for Naturalistic Driv-ing data Andrew Parkes
14:15 Group exercise 3 – General discussion All
14:45 Afternoon tea-break  
15:10 Feedback and discussions from exercise 3 All
15:30 Workshop Summary and conclusions Loughborough/MIRA/All
16:00 END  

Last update: April 15, 2011