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    Promoting real Life Observations for Gaining Understanding of road user behaviour in Europe

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Implementation of naturalistic observations requires to make a large group of people familiar with the method and to convince them of its usefulness. It also requires, for the sake of acceptance, to consider a wide range of opinions and interests. This is why PROLOGUE has an extensive User Forum. The User Forum consists of a wide variety of stakeholders including road administrations, car industry, insurance companies, road transport operators, road user organisations, driver training and certification organisations, as well as knowledge and research organisations. Its members will be informed about the characteristics and possibilities of naturalistic studies in general and about the current project through, for example, newsletters and workshops. The User Forum will also be asked to provide input in the research work packages, for example by small questionnaire surveys or by personal contacts about their experiences in relevant activities, their opinions and background information in terms of political decisions. For more information and membership application please contact infoprologueswov.nl.

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Last update: November 5, 2010