• Prologue

    Promoting real Life Observations for Gaining Understanding of road user behaviour in Europe

Communication & Dissemination

As a new tool in road safety work, the principles, functions and potentials of naturalistic observations need to be explained to potential stakeholders who, so far, are more familiar with the traditional methods of road safety research.

This task amis at building and maintaining a large European network of potential stakeholders in order to

  • inform them about the developments in the area of naturalistic observations;
  • create their understanding of the usefulness of naturalistic observations;
  • show the role of naturalistic observations to deal with their particular interests;
  • to get their support and commitment for possible future naturalistic studies.

The implementation of naturalistic observations requires to make a large group of people familiar with the method and to convince them of its usefulness. It also requires, for the sake of acceptance, to consider a wide range of opinions and interests. This is why there will be a User Forum as well.

Design and contents of the dissemination materials consider the broad variety of stakeholders, the public, the press, the research community, decision makers, industry, and others.


Last update: November 25, 2009