• Prologue

    Promoting real Life Observations for Gaining Understanding of road user behaviour in Europe


This task will specify the general principles for a future large-scale European study. It is based on the outcomes of the previous work packages, and will provide recommendations on issues such as which (clusters of) research questions would be suitable for the naturalistic approach, who are the potential interested users, how design, sampling and other methodological topics must be dealt with, what the technical requirements are, and, last but not least, how the various organisational and financial issues may be tackled.

When defining the principles and recommendations it will be taken into account that the required technology is improving very rapidly. For that reason, the task will not result in exact technical specifications of the required equipment, but it will specify the general characteristics that this equipment needs.

Furthermore, this task consists of a summary overview of the main findings of the project. It will focus on the theoretical possibilities and wishes regarding the issues to be studied and the required techniques and methodologies and the experiences and results of the field trials.


Last update: November 23, 2009